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We are excited to present Be Part of the Music, a menu of high quality tools to help music educators attract as many students as possible to their program. Student recruitment is one of the most critical, yet often overlooked, parts of a music educator's job. With limited time and dwindling resources, it's getting harder to effectively and efficiently communicate to students and parents what we already know: Music Is A Life Changing Activity!

more new students added per ensemble annually
of teachers stated these resources had a postive impact on enrollment
students participated in the "I am part of the Music" video project
Average annual program growth of educators using these resources
How To Use This Site

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Create Your Own Free Recruitment Webpage

Make your recruitment efforts easier than ever with your own personalized recruitment webpage. This free resource gives you a dedicated webpage to help explain the long-term benefits of music education. Your page is personalized to your music program, branded with your school name and colors, populated with your contact information and comes loaded with instrument demonstration videos, parent and student interviews, music education statistics, and an easy web form for parents to indicate their child's interest. (Submissions go directly to your inbox so you can follow-up easily.) Use this resource to generate interest for your music program and promote the importance of music education in your community.

Personalized Webpages


“Having all the materials I need ready to fit to my program and use is a huge blessing!”

"We experienced a huge surge of beginners this year."

"This is a wonderful collection of functional resources for any music educator."


Music Educator: All print materials are pre-formatted and can be printed and used as is, or altered to suit your individual needs. Before using, be sure to read the entire document and complete the sections left for your own information. Those areas will be obvious when you read them.



Our team has created a simple-to-use Google Form to collect all the information you need from prospective students in a brief online form. Just send it to the parents of prospective students, and watch as Google collects the responses for you! From there, you can download the results into a spreadsheet to use as you wish. View a sample of the form here, and if you like what you see, click the link below to be prompted to save your own copy. You can customize it to your heart's content, right down to school colors!

Create Your Own Copy of the Online Student Registration Google Form

Parent Emails

Keep your students enrolled and your parents involved in music education!

Get personalized music advocacy emails sent to your parent list that helps keep their kids in your music program. INCREASE your impact while DECREASING your workload. Our personalized monthly emails keep the importance of your music program top of mind for your parents. With our system, you’ll get:

  • Monthly CUSTOMIZED music advocacy emails
  • Year-long, cross-curricular (band/choir/orchestra) content
  • Completely-done for you
  • Secure System - 100% privacy and parents can opt-out any time


We know how hard you work, so let us do what we do best (advocacy and retention) so you can do what you do best...TEACH!

Parent contact information is 100% secure. We will never share or sell information, and parents can opt out of emails anytime.

Sample Parent Emails for Beginners

Sample Parent Emails for Middle School

Sample Parent Emails for High School

Recruitment Packs

Make a BIG impression on students AND parents!

Be Part of the Music recruitment packs were created to provide comprehensive and high-quality recruitment and retention tools for K-12 music educators.

What's included?

  • 100 parent information cards
  • 20 school recruitment posters
  • 100 "Be Part of the Music" pencils
  • 100 "I Love Music" wristbands
  • 2 teacher buttons


Other Products


USB DriveAll of our videos and documents are available online, but you can also request a physical USB drive. These resources are free, but there is a $10 charge for shipping/handling.


Parent FlyersOrder these professionally printed flyers and show parents how "Music Helps to Ensure Life-Long Success"! 100 flyers included per order and shipping is included. View Flyer (PDF)


BannersTwo sizes of "Be Part of the Music" banners are available and shipping is included.


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